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face2face 2nd Edition Starter Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD

Chris Redston, Gillie Cunningham, Sarah Ackroyd

face2face 2nd Edition Starter Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD
Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107614734
Cena detaliczna: 136,50 zł

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Opis książki
Unlike other courses, face2face Second edition is informed by the Cambridge English Corpus and its vocabulary syllabus has been mapped to the English Vocabulary Profile, meaning students learn the language they really need to know at each CEFR level. What's more, face2face Second edition actually teaches students to listen better by drawing their attention to the elements of spoken English that make it so hard for them to understand. And by giving students time to formulate the ideas and language they want to use before they speak, face2face Second edition helps to build both spoken fluency and accuracy.
Key Features of this Title
  • The face2face Second edition books have a completely new page layout designed to be simpler and even easier to navigate. The self-contained double-page lessons are teachable off the page with little or no preparation and make lessons easy to teach and easy to follow.
  • Students can become more autonomous learners thanks to the fully-interactive DVD-ROMs that are packaged with the Student's Books. The DVD-ROMs include exercises in all language areas, new video material, games, a recording capability, a progress chart and customisable tests.
  • Every unit in the face2face Second edition books places a strong emphasis on reviewing and recycling, helping students to learn more effectively and retain more.
  • 'Help with' sections teach students how English really works. Equipped with this understanding of the language, they will be able to apply what they learn more readily and with more confidence in their lives outside the classroom.
  • The new video-based Real World lessons included in every unit give students an engaging way to learn the practical language they need to communicate in their day-to-day lives.
  • Resource website for teachers containing a placement test, including oral test; mapping to the CEF and the UK Adult ESOL Core Curriculum; downloadable wordlists translated into 12 languages; and guidance and worksheets for using the DVD-ROM.

face2face Second edition is the flexible, easy-to-teach, 6-level course (A1 to C1) for busy teachers who want to get their adult and young adult learners to communicate with confidence. The face2face Second edition Starter Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD gives teachers the flexibility to create, edit, save and print their own tests. It's easy to use and offers a range of functionality for teachers who like to adapt tests to their students' particular needs. Teachers can choose from Progress tests for each unit and a bank of additional questions focusing on grammar, vocabulary and Real World language. The Testmaker can produce two versions of each test (to prevent students from sharing answers) and provides all the audio for test listening components, plus a link to a downloadable Placement test.

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